graphic works

the creation of graphic works ist pretty much a side show for me. however, graphics have always been a great place for recycling ideas".
by the way, even a polygon as an atom of 3d realms does have its own graphic qualities. 
illustrations for new year's greeting cards 1997-2007
0 nj 1997 0 nj 2001 indy 0 nj 2003 this-way-up 0 nj 2004 refugien
0 nj 2006 neujahrskarte 0 nj 2007rente.sys

film stills from the diploma thesis polystory 2003
1 cb bruecke 1 cb lichtfigur 1 cb polycity

posters for the protestant student community ESG weimar 1999-2003
esg il00 bundestreffen99 esg il04 urknall esg il05 urbanesleben esg il07 prell
esg il07 blues esg il02 die-liebe-familie esg il08 asoz-athos 1 il03 wegekreuz